• A Norwegian battery technology company, electrifying the maritime industry

Powering a green maritime sector

We are Hagal Ocean. By combining strong industry expertise and cutting-edge battery technology, we help the maritime sector move towards a greener future. Our battery solution is designed to meet the highest standards for safety, performance and emission free operations.

Delivering rugged, industrial batteries at a competitive cost, we make batteries the easy first choice for maritime sector.

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Why choose Hagal Ocean

Lifetime Economics

Lifetime Economics

Hagal is an end-to-end supplier of battery solutions, taking responsibility to make sure the battery works in your application.We offer both sales and leasing of batteries.

With durable, high quality batteries we ensure a low cost per cycle.  At the end of the battery life, it is returned to Hagal and reused it in other applications to minimize the climate footprint. When the battery retires, all materials are sent to recycling.



Our battery design is best-in-class on safety and DNV certified for marine application such as workboats, aquaculture, fish farming, ferries and shipping.

Our battery system is built on LFP chemistry, known to be inherently more stable than comperable chemistries. It has built-in fire supression and is insulatet in a waterproof IP67 box.



Hagal’s industrial batteries are specifically designed for workboats and aquaculture. They are made with components of the right quality and built to take a beating during a long life at sea. We make sure our customers get a battery suited to their needs that gets the job done.



We have a strong partner ecosystem and supply chain, making sure Hagal Ocean has flexible capacity of delivery and short lead time.

Modular energy storage systems

Modular energy storage systems
Eoh 176 kWh

We deliver a new generation of cost-efficient, safe, high-performance battery solutions, tested and approved by DNV.

The Eoh series of modular energy storage systems is designed to meet the highest standards for emission free operations.

  • IP67 waterproof box
  • Flexible and modularised design
  • Passive single-cell thermal runaway protection
  • Scalable capacity according to vessel requirements
  • Industry-proven Battery Management System (BMS)
  • Remote monitoring capabilities
  • Based on the safest battery chemistry, LFP
  • Low installation and commissioning time
  • Designed for voltages up to 768 VDC
  • Low life cycle cost

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